Works in progress

Dynamic R&D Investment (with Mordecai Kurz and Kenneth Judd)

Summary We study a dynamic investment game in which firms are differentiated by their R&D stocks and therefore productivities. When investing in R&D, firms face "success-breeds-success" probabilities, where accumulated successes improve their subsequent investment productivity. The government may seek to restrain firms' growth and create a more level playing field. We characterize the optimal policy under uncertainty.

Using Linear Programming to Solve Discrete State, Discrete Control Dynamic Programming Problems (with Kenneth Judd)

Optimal Unemployment Insurance

Dynamic Modeling of the Climate Under Uncertainty (with Yongyang Cai and Kenneth Judd)

Mergers (with Mordecai Kurz)


Dynamic Games and HTCondor (pdf) UZH, 2021 (with Yongyang Cai, Mordecai Kurz and Kenneth Judd)